About China Square Central

A retail oasis located within the bustling Central Business District, China Square Central (CSC) is a true manifestation of modernised Chinese architecture, with a modern 15-storey office tower and rows of traditional shophouses refurnished and converted into offices and restaurants.

Having been in operation since mid-2002, CSC is a fully integrated and self-contained development which allows one to work, play, shop and entertain without having to leave the premises. You can enjoy the convenience of and accessibility to a myriad range of dining and retail outlets here at CSC. From business dining to cosy eateries to beauty and grooming, there is everything you need and more at CSC.

Whether you are starting the day with a cup of aromatic coffee, or simply winding down with a relaxing dinner at the end of the day, you'll always have an enjoyable time at China Square Central.


China Square Central
18 Cross Street
Singapore 048423

Tel: 6327 4473

Open Daily: 1000am to 1000pm

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